Thursday, 15 February 2007

Painkillers and Boob jobs - What is the best mix - Anne Nicole Smith

In terms of Medical advice, how can you prescribe 10 different painkiller simultaneously?
Does anyone have the actual list of the medication she was on? I would love to see some of the stuff she was taking.
If your boob job hurts, isn't maybe because the BooBs are tooooo Big?!? I don't know.
Is there a law suit against the doctor for prescribing or not.... no accusations yet until a court decides.... all those pain killers? 10 painkillers.... that is insane....

OK question ----- Have you ever received advice in regards to pain killers?

I very recently did.... I love taking a cocktail of aspirin and paracetamol before I go out for ...... cocktails. I was just told not to mix paracetamol and aspirin... My paediatrician used to give me paracetamol and aspirin.... I do not understand. maybe its the mixing with booze that isn't right.

Next question ----- What is the best pain killer to mix with booze? ahhhhh that's a good question. Any advice?

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