Thursday, 15 May 2008

Do you want to win a supercar in a competition?

Who doesn't want to win a Ferrari, Win a Lamborghini or win any other super car?

Fortunately their are a few super car competitions online in the UK that will help you win a dream sports car. The good thing and it is good, is that these online luxury supercar competitions are based on Spot the Ball. The promoters of the super car competitions charge for the entry fee to the Spot the Ball competitions so that means that the odds of winning are far greater then all the other free prize draws. It also means that your personal information will remain private.

So we all dream of driving a 500 horse power Italian super car like a Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. We used to have these dream motors on our wall and dreamt of driving these luxury power cars. So winning a super car in a spot the ball super car competition seems like a good idea.

Super car competitions a sign of a mid life crisis?

Sure winning a new BMW or winning a new Porsche or other sports cars are every man's dream, But the people that enter Super car competitions could be an indication of a mid life crisis. All you need to do is look at the list of winners on BestoftheBest, the guys that run supercar competition out of the main UK airports like Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

Perhaps the success and list of winners of these competitions for these luxury car prizes also indicates that for younger crowds having a Ferrari parked on the drive way is not the best solution. Sure driving one for a week or two is appealing but owning your own Lamborghini sport car even if you won it for a few pounds still means that you will constantly worry when it is parked, how will you pay for all the petrol, the insurance, the protection of that luxury super car?

Perhaps we just want a dream car we can keep, winning a dream sports car that we can have without breaking the bank would be a start and getting some of the money to pay off debt seems to make a bit more sense.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Using Green Guilt to get you to win a hybrid Toyota car

Lets run the wave of Green eco guilt and create a competition to win a Toyota Prius. Win a car competitions are the most popular free car prizes draws on the internet. Putting together the needs for a greener world, the desire to protect our environment and the personal need to enter free competitions to win a car, the win a Toyota prius is the perfect competition.

The Big green Prius competition is just the thing for you green car lovers. In the typical nature of a Chance to win a new Toyota Prius the competition promoter has developed a relationships with one of the biggest free prize draw website Win4Now.

This new generation of green car runs on a hybrid petrol electric platform. The Toyota Prius is ranked amongst the best eco friendly car, though I would say is that the Prius makes for a bad battery recycling eco friendly processor. The Big Green Switch simply wants to attract and collate competition prize entry information of the players entering the Win a Toyota competition.

This makes perfect sense for a Green eco company to create and obtain very qualified leads for its specifc industry. By creating a specific competition and free prize draw with and eco friendly prize such a the Win a Toyota Prius combines the targeting requirements of the competition and the prize that will filter the qualified leads.

Entries to the Win a Toyota Prius are limited to one per account. Entries are limited as they are free and as well to avoid automated competition entry by robots. None the less most compoholics will still enter as the prize value of the vehicle is in excess of £15,000 so even if the player doesn't care about the prize itself it always still have an intrinsic value.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Bestofthebest co uk super car competition legitimate?

In the jungle of car competitions and win a car prize draws, one company stands out bestofthebest super car competitions. You need to make the clear distinction with a car competition and prize draw that is free like the one found on the prizefinder and as the car prize is the bait for lead generation.
On the other hand Bestofthebest super car competitions are operated using a gaem of skill called spot the ball. the objective is different, Bestofthebest operate a margin based super car competition and are not after or sell players personal information.

So to the question: is bestofthebest co uk legitimate, the answer is YES.

Are the winners of bestofthebest for real. the answer is yes. Most supercar competition to win a Ferrari, win a Bentley, win a porsche or win other great sports cars is real because they are a real business. They invest in there stands in airports such as Heathrow airport and Gatwick airport. In the airports bestofthebest have competitions stands and they display their prizes, you can see and almost touch the supercars, you will see the Audi R8 prize car, the Ferrari you can win and the lovely Lamborghini Gallardo.

Should you trust the super car competitions of bestofthebest in the airports? Yes the biggest reason of all is that the competition operator bestofthebest Plc is quoted on the AIMS market and information is available on their website. Their accounts are audited by an independent accounting firm.

The one disadvantage of the bestofthebest super car competition to win a super car, win a Ferrari type of competition is that you do not know what the total amount of competition entries their are for each super car competition. If you analyse the info contained in the accounts of best of the best plc you realise that each super car competition generates about $£450,000 in entry fees for a car prize value ranging from £90,000 to £120,000. So you are looking at a profit margin of over %400. For this reason the total number of entries is kept confidential. If you calculate the average price of the entry tickets you end up with winning odds of over q in 40,000 on average accross the year.

Granted these adds are far better than any other free competition to win a car. If you look at the average odds of winning a free car they often exceed the 3 to 4,000,000 mark. This means that your chances of winning are virtually nil. On the other hand spot the ball super car competitions of bestofthebest are 100 times easier to win. The improved winning adds come from the fact that the entry is pay to play rather then free entry. Paying for competitions is generally better because your private information will stay private, your odds of winning a car are 100's of times better and their is more chance that the competition will be legitimate.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Win a New Mini Competitions

As the most popular car prize in the UK it is no wonder that Winning a new Mini is at the top of car prize competitions. But no all Win a Mini competitions and prizes are created equal, most often these prize draws will have 100,000's of entries last for months if not years and you will never find out who the winner is.

We know that "win a mini prize draws" are only used for lead generation, that is to collect personal data on customers knows as: qualified leads. So the win a new mini car competitions have the objective to stay open as long as possible.

Still collecting entries when the competition is closed:
Take a look at this win a mini competition from myoffers. Players would be tempted to enter, it is free to enter at the end of the day... But know click on the win a mini competitions terms and conditions link. Read the fine print... yes the competitions closing date in January 2008. The win a mini competition has been closed for over 5 months, yet the raffle website still keeps the page open to tempt more entries and registrations. Additionally the prize draws to win a car stay open to generate search engine rank and increase their posistion for some of those key terms.

So the entry practices are not the most transparent and some of these winning a car draws will do everything to get a punter to part with their private information and compliment it with questions during the registration process. The key is to understand that anything that is a free prize wants something in exchange. Nothing is free, not even a free car or mini competition. They always want something. So the rule of thumb before you enter a win a mini competition is:

The less it costs to enter the more entries there are and the less chance of winning you have.
If their is no entry fee, you will pay the entry with enormous amounts of private data surrender.
Only pay to play car competitions are only interested in the entry fee and protect your personal information, it a choice every player needs to make.

The Win a Mini competition mentioned, closed with over 1,500,000 registered entries...

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Win a £50 holiday voucher from Expedia competition

As we have said it many times over, free prize draws and other free to enter travel competitions are purely lead generation marketing activities designed to gather customer data.

Winning a holiday and numerous travel competitions to win a city break or win a holiday in the Caribbean are all designed to get players to enter. Now many of us competition player would be tempted by the soft beaches of the Caribbean and the luxury hotels of those travel competitions. Even if the chance of winning is very small or even microscopic the win a holiday competition needs to have a prize that is worth the sacrifice of personal information.

Enter the Expedia win a £50 holiday voucher. A £50 holiday travel voucher is hardly enough to tantalize players in entering a competition to win a holiday. If you look at the cost structure of Expedia and the limitations included in the terms and conditions of the redemption of the £50 travel voucher, the discount barely makes a dent in the profit levels and margins of the cost of the travel package sold by Expedia.

All in all if you are to enter a travel competition make sure that the prize is worth the effort, make sure that the destination of the holiday and the value of the prize is appealing. We all want to win a holiday to the Caribbean and enjoy the exotic and luxury hotels of the tropical holiday destinations, but a £50 Expedia travel voucher competition is hardly what one would call a value added prize even if its free...

Friday, 9 May 2008

How fake Win a Home competitions gives away a Time Share prize

Win a Holiday home - turns out its a time share prize.

Win a home competition are the pet peeve of free prize draws and competition websites, at least the free ones. History has it that many have attempted to sell their home using some form of prize draw to attract potential buyers. Traditionally the attempts were made to sell of the tiles of the roof for a small fee. the winner of win a home competition would have the winning tile and win the entire home as the gran prize.

When it comes to win a home for free prize draws, the principal home prize attracts many potential entries. But the title of the win a home competition in itself is deceitful especially when properly used in search engines. Now people type in Win a home prize draw and end up with a variety of propositions to win a holiday home.

A recent competition has launched here, all the initial searches revealed that the win a home competition was in fact for a half backed time share in a remote holiday destination. The prize winner of the win a home competition only received a weeks worth of time in a small apartment time share as the prize. Obviously the value of the home prize is slightly different if its a weeks time share.

The moral is that you should look at the details of the win a home competitions and find out what the terms of the competition truly are before you enter. So its always better to enter specific comeptitions where the objective is the prize to win a home and the odds are transparent.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Will you ever enter a competition to win a free Ipod... cuz you should stay away

Win an Apple Ipod Nano free prize draws - the most common online competitions on the web

Want to win an Apple Ipod for free? Don't bet on it. The Ipod Nano is the most common free prize draw prize. There are more free prize draws that use the popular win an mp3 then any other win an mp3 competition, that the chances of winning an Ipod is remote and bleak at best.

Typing win and ipod and win an mp3 in Google will reveal how players are ready to give up their personal identities for the smallest of chances by entering free prize draws to win an Apple ipod that it becomes a bit crazy.

If you start looking at the odds and calculating the odds of the possibilities of winning an ipod for free you realize that if you covert the prize value to the calculated chances of winning it is perhaps the worst possible free prize draw and giveaway to enter, even if its for free.

The value of an Ipod or even of the Ipod Nano is between £100 and £130. Free prize draw website and competition to win an Ipod will take in as many as 300,000 entries or more. the competitions to win and Apple Ipod are interconnected and all the free entries are pooled together. because of he craze for the ipod and the trendy impact of the free prize, the propensity to enter win an ipod competitions see the highest level of competition entries then any other prize, regardless of the value. Only win a car competitions for free will see a greater number of entries. Win a Apple Nano prize draws is now saturating the free prize draws scene to the point that duplicate entries are starting to limit the lead generation capabilities of the free prize draws websites that can be found.

So it is now being antied up and the free prize draws to win and Apple ipod Nano are now giving way to higher and more expensive prizes. But pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the competitions entries are far greater for Apple prizes then for other consumer electronics prizes. A £1,000 42 inch hi def LCD television will attract less competition entries then an Apple Macbook competition worth only £650.

If you are the promoter of a raffle a prize lottery or any other lead generation tool prize website, the suite of Apple products is a must to have to ensure a higher conversion of you players. if you are a competition player and out to win an apple ipod then you need to be aware that you have the worst or lowest odds of winning an Ipod and the that you will be competition against the largest possible number of players.

Ultimate free cash prize draws want to give you £1000000 in cash!

How to Win a £1,000,000 cash for free

A website in the UK called Loopy Lotto has launched an outrageous lottery for free where the potential winner can win £1000000 cash as the grand prize. Well if the lottery with this huge cash prize is for free, then their seems to be no draw backs... but the question is: is the cash prize and lotto entry really for free or does is cost something to enter? and what is the catch?

What does the free cash lottery actually cost?
Lets take a deeper look and we can see that the entry process to the lottery requires the entry of some personal information, your name and email... If you look at the £1000000 cash prize lotteries terms and conditions you will discover the rules and regulations of content accuracy that require your personal information be accurate and up to date. In the same terms and conditions you pretty much give up to Loopy Lotto and their partners all of your privacy. They no own you email address and can do with it what they wish.

How much cash does the lotteries bring in?
The value of a qualified email address obtained from the lottery entries can reach quite a lot. A qualified email can be sold anywhere between £1 to £5 a pop. That is a lot of serious cash. But don't think that the lottery company giving out these great cash prizes to win for free is actually going to fuel a prize pool...

What are the chances of winning free cash?
Every registered user to the free lottery to win the grand prize of £1000000 has only one entry per day. You cannot enter the lottery more than once. The lottery emulates the UK's National Lottery. Every day a new number is generated, and if someone actually managed to find the number they win. So what are the chances of winning the cash prize? The odds of winning the lottery are 1 : 14,000,000. that's right the chances of a player to win are 1:14,000,000. Only here their are no interim cash prizes. Its all or nothing.

How many deleted entries every day for the Lottery?
Every day after the draw all the previous entries are deleted and you need to re-enter the cash prize lottery the next day. If you only have 1000 entries per day, Loopy get 1000 email addresses permanently, the players only get one entry. In the end those emails can be sold for £1,000 to £5,000 every day with the chances of having to pay out the prize being virtually none.

What happens if a player gets the right lottery number?
They wont, you always have the risk that a business like this lottery for free cash thing will just look at all the entered numbers and will randomly pull a lottery number that "oh dear" no one has actually drawn.
Some large businesses and website that do operate legitimate Lottery and free cash giveaways are properly audited. When they do get a winner they operate an insurance contract. The cash that is paid out to the winner is actually insurance money from the insurance company that pays out in the unlikely event that their should be a winner...

so think about it... is it really worth giving your personal info away?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Bestofthebest Airport supercar competitions with spot the ball game reviews

Bestofthebest supercar competitions

Bestofthebest co uk is a competition company that operates "spot the ball competitions" in airports across the UK such as competition in Heathrow airport and Gatwick Airport. www bestofthebest co uk is the website bestofthebest operate to allow players to enter their supercar competitions online.

Entries to the super car competitions are pay to play with the basic entry fee costing £20. The entry fee covers one entry using the skill based game of Spot the ball. A player is shown an image of a football action scene, the image has had the football removed and the player needs to select where the centre of the ball is located. Thus spot the ball requires players entering the spot the ball competition to pick a set of coordinates on the football image. The closest set of coordinates to that of the professional referee that selects the winning spot of the ball is declared the winner of the supercar competition.

Spot the ball is a traditional skill based game used to determine the winners of skill based competitions and football is a perfect game for this.

The grand prize of the bestofthebest super car competition is the choice of cars for the winner of the spot the ball. The winner wins the choice of cars as luxury prizes. The competitions allow the players to win a Ferrari, win a Lamborghini, win a Porsche or win a range rover luxury car.

If the entry fees to the supercar competition £20 then the objective is to at least cover the operating costs of the competition and generate a profit. Because information on bestofthebest is readily available and it seems clear from the statement of accounts that competitions need to generate at least 35,000 to 55,000 competition entries to generate the levels of revenue found in their statement of accounts.

The odds of winning a supercar such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini are about 1 in 45,000 for a $20 entry. Even if you get the discounted competition entries, granted the average competition ticket entry fee is reduced but it just dilutes the odds and make it all that more more to win.

Would you want to win a supercar or win a Ferrari?

Its beyond me what the you would do with a super car, yes it is what dreams are made of but a dream is but a dream. You would essentially drive your prize Ferrari for a week and sell it for something that you truly need, like an affordable can, a holiday and a home.

Taking the cash prize option from bestofthebest.

Most super car or luxury car competitions don't offer many alternatives. In the case of the bestofthebest competitions to win a super car you do have the benefit of taking a cash equivalent. But is the cash prize equivalent worth it for the winner? Well if most cars cost over £120,000 and many of them have a waiting list the demand for that luxury vehicle taking cash option isn't very good... What is the cash equivalent? Well the cash prize alternative to the competition winner is £80.000. This seems to be quite a rip off doesn't it?

Seriously, why do most companies not show how many competition entries there are. Stop keeping super car competition entries confidential and be more transparent with the operations and ticket sales and surely the customers and players will reward you.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Free car competitions stay open for months on end

1 year to enter a car competition?

Myoffers is a UK Website that display an enormous amount of free cash prize competitions and free quizzes and a bunch of other prize draws to win a car or win a holiday, win a voucher and win a great prizes...

SO when you go to the car sections of this competition website in the UK, you end up with lists and lists of "I wish I could win them prizes"... But the first step is to enter your personal details and register to the website.

Registration to the competition website is in fact a lead generation website that uses a host of sponsored free prizes that are put up for competitions with the odd winner. The lead generation means that when a person enters a competition to win a new car for example, the player is accepting terms and conditions. These terms and conditions state that the data you have just provided will be used and past on to partners and used to mail you and spam you beyond belief.

Of the list of competitions to win a car, myoffers is really not too bad, all they do is put up prizes and vehicles to be won by winners. At least that is what it looks like. The reality is that the carrots used to attract players to the games are a way to attract registrations to the prize competitions. The car competitions will generate in a course of a year approximately 1,000,000 entires or more. These leads will be sold for £2 to £8 to a variety of businesses that buy leads form competition web site running competitions such as win a new car.

Your personal information, harvested via these win a car competition will be sold 4 to 19 times depending on how many questions you have answered. You chances of winning are virtually nil, as much a getting struck by lightning. Sill want to win a car? You can find out more on online competitions here