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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Hyponosis for will power

I have noticed this creeping up more and more in the search results for weight loss: Lose weight with hypnosis.
Most people must be worried or like me, paranoid of the risks and dangers of hypnosis. Let alone getting hypnotised to lose weight. Not just any presume person can and should offer such services. Surely they must be licensed. Many are not even licensed and certified yet they offer false promises.
Hypnosis for weight loss it very much unproven. At best I found a 47 person study that showed that the effects were an additional 10% effectiveness. But hypnosis is only effective at reinforcing will power to stick, respect and follow a nutrition, dieting and fitness plan.
You don't simply walk into a doctors office, stare at a golden watch listening to the doctor say: "you are thin, you are thin... you no longer need to eat 3 Big Macs a day". At best hypnosis for weight loss and dieting constitutes positive moral reinforcement to help you along your journey.
Be careful with this, ensure he is not only licensed but certified, ask for references, on average you are looking at 8 to 14 hypnosis sessions and you might end up telling him your darkest secrets.
Who has done any form of Hypnosis...?