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Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Isn't family supposed to support you and give you good health and nutrition advice? They are or should, right? One of my aunts has a far different concept of family and a strange concept of good advice.
Young kids, at least some of the stranger one have a tendency of cramming crap in there pie hole. Or eating just about anything. This terrible dietary habit generally disappear around 4 or 5 years old, or your mom smacks it outta you.. or a surgeon cuts it out.
Well I was a bit different and the habit stayed till 10yrs old... and there was nothing the doctor or mom could do... And so my aunt thought it to be funny.
In the wild many birds eat gravel, sand and hard stuff in order to help them digest and break down food in there gisord... good knows how that is spelt.
I had some Parakeets then, they are dead now... And you had to add a special type of sand to their diet.
My aunts great advice when at the beach was, if birds need so do you, well me, not you as in the reader... Like a subliminal message and not to be over heard by my mother she repeated it over and over in my ear through out the day... the timely effect came weeks later with a tummy ache.
I thought that self medication would beat a visit to the devil doctor and so went to the pharmacy (I was 10 then) in my house garage. There I found a large bag of sand used for the sidewalks when it snowed. I proceeded to fill a plastic dish and sit for an interesting dry meal.
The consequences were petty cool. You should have seen the X rays, the doctors couldn't stop laughing, until mom blew a her lid.
Sand is not for little kids diet, you shouldn't eat but it makes for great X rays. It eventually passed after ingesting several pints of some sort of medical lubricating gel like liquid. My number 2s were a bit painful for the next few days.... like crapping roles of sand paper but at least they did not have to operate on my appendix.
Didn't help family relations when I told my mom her sister made me do it...