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Friday, 5 December 2008

Win your mortgage or rent for a year competition

2 new competitions to win your mortgage or rent

Well in this period of credit crunch we can see the emergence of a new breed of competitions where players can enter and win money towards their mortgage or rent.

This is a great opportunity to compare the 2 types of competitions and free prize draws for similar types of prizes.

1- We have the win £18,000 towards your mortgage competition from the Prize Finder

2- Win your mortgage or rent paid for a year from online competitions

So what is the difference between these two competitions and prize draws?
The first, from the Prize finder:
- Open for 9 months
- Is free
- Will collect over 2,000,000 entries over the life of the competition
- Your personal data will be sold to third parties over 5 to 7 times
- The prize may not be available the day of the prize draw

What about the win your rent or mortgage competition on Spotit,
- It cost £10 to enter
- Only 2500 entries instead of 2 or 3 million
- Your private information is never sold or exchanged
- Prize is real and contracted

so you need to compare the best mortgage and rent prize draws... as none of them are free... even the free prize draws have serious costs to your private data that gets sold on... over and over again...