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Saturday, 9 December 2006

Say it isn't so... colon cleanings?
In colon cleansing and colon detox a new fad? While discusion the previous post a Friend just shared an interesting story... about colon detox and cleansing. Surely this can't be good for your body.
Apparently colon cleansing is good, as the advice would go, in removing toxins and buildup in the colon and to restore a natural balance of bacteria that will help the appropriate absorption of nutrients.
Some of the proclaimed benefits of colon cleaning and detx include nicer skin... (how is that possible, some doctor please explain), reduce food intolerance (eject button please), boost energy and help the immune system.
Seriously I have heard of claims, but this is nuts.
According to my buddy... (his girlfriend made him do it... so he says.. too ashamed to post this himself) the experience was two fold, first using pills for colon cleansing, "they were organic" he said, how is that better I ask? Then he received a liquid cleansing with mildly tepid water and from a "pro" with plastic gloves.
The results you ask? Well, make sure you are on holidays when attempting to take nutrition supplements aimed at colon cleansing or detox and do not forget to stock up in men's diapers.

The effects of the process was four days. He had to change his diet, liquids only I believe and bought a cute little fly swatter for the consequences of his action.
The came the water cleansing, it was in gallons, to remove the "sludge" still packed on the inner walls and preventing proper nutrient absorption... right...
In the end he lost a few pounds, had abdominal pains for a week, and pains in more sensitive areas... I think the lady with the rubber gloves was brutal... and he was hungry like a 3 legged lion (they can't hunt for themselves.)
In the end he had to take a bunch of pills to redo the fauna in his intestines to ensure balanced bacterial growth for proper nutrition absorbtion.
He spent the following 2 days eating like a mad man... or a lion, avoiding to sit uncomfortably on his soars.

Is this necessary, and does your partners or spouse want to put you through this? Lets all petition against this type of abuse... and humiliation