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Sunday, 10 December 2006

So whats the problem with a blog about health bad advice?
Your own girlfriend wants you to be her Guinea pig! God i'm whipped.... whaaapa!
Got back from the super market this morning... with 2 dozen frakin grapefruits.... why you might wonder. It's to start a grapefruit detox diet plan!

Please point me in to the nearest gun shop... I hate women's magazines. She read an article on the virtues of the grapefruit diet, the basis of which you need to eat a grapefruit before every meal. That is at least 3 grapefruits a day! Man my gut is going to feel this...
The theoretical benefits of this grapefruit diet is that it benefits your cholesterol levels is good for the heart and kick starts some sort of digestive enzymes that break down fats better... oh and it is rich in vitamin c. Not really true actually, I mean red peppers have 3 times more vitamin c than oranges and you don't see me eating a red pepper salad 3 times a day.
Plus these industrial balls of acidic hell (the grapefruits if you are not following), are not the sweetest of detox foods. So in order to swallow these yellow bellied hell spheres I need to put tons... well a couple of table spoons of sugar on them!

All this seems logical to women it simply does not compute in my book.
Oh and what are the common effects of increase regular intake of citrus fruits? That's right, diarrhea! Freakin Cosmo magazine... Imagine what would happen to some skinny person wanting to be a model and going on the grapefruit diet to become an anorexic cat walk model?
And what happens when you stop eating all these grapefruits? another fad diet from an ohhhh so scientific magazine will come and replace it... I will keep you posted!

Anyone tried this one before... tell me it failed!