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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The best worst piece of advice I have ever seen!
You have probably heard of the incredible effects of mixing Diet Coke and Mentos. If not, see the video below.
Now at the end of a party a friend has stomach pains. Too much junk food and booze. So another buddy has a bright idea. Basing his advice on the digestive effects of Coke, he proceeds to bring a very large glass of diet coke and a hand full of antacid tablets to the friend in pain.

"You have to chug this glass of Coke (diet Coke in fact) and swallow these 3 acid tablets (mentos)."

Gullible, well, drunk, the friend in pain drinks the Coke (diet coke) in a few gulp and proceeds to swallow the tablets (mentos).

I guess that the warning should read: "Do not try this on people you like"

It was like a painful geyser, jet powered nostrils, strong gagging effect as the foamy diet Coke poured out of his mouth and jetted out of the nostrils at least half a meter away! Incredible!

I have never laughed so long and hard. His eyes almost popped out like a cartoon. Do not do it to a sober person, he / she will kick your ass as this treatment is painful and kick starts a bit of vomiting... How cruel

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Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Not to mention incredibly stupid. If the person aspirates, you can get charged with murder.

Anonymous said...

I also tried it in my garden .My record is 2 meters ..