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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Ok, holidays are here and means food, food and more food. Topped with bose, bose and more wine beer and champagne... This spells one thing: Digestion Hell!
So I have one amazing really good (this is the truth!) digestion settling, diarrhea stop tip:
I used to work as a chef in a 5 star hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. This is one of the best tropical countries of Latin America with the greatest tropical fruit. Well every day I had loads of fresh foods and tons of fresh juice. 3 days into this food heaven, my gut was shot, stomach cramps and diarrhea galore. Ouch!
I am sitting at the bar one night (I lived in the hotel) and my stomach is in pain. So I call on Jesus, "Jesus help me!" so Jesus came over and asked. "So whats up?". Now this is Latin America and Jesus is the name of my good friend the barman. Its a common name down there. This is not a miracle in the making.
I explain my gastric situation to him and he tells me of a simple cure. He puts 2 shot glasses in front of me and fills both of them with Pernod. He instructs me to drink the full one now, straight no water added. Wait 45mn and take the second one. No eating or drinking anything 90minutes before or after the two shots.
Pernod is a brand of French liquor, it also goes under the name "Ricard" and they are all variations of the same basic recipe of "Pastis". Originally it was a medical beverage to cure... you guessed it... stomach cramps, indigestion and diarrhea. It is made from a concoction of over 15 different natural herbs. The basis is from Anis. Its strong but the effects are amazing.
The next day... cured... felt great, amazing... perfect... so I had a large glass of fresh pineapple juice... yummmmy! So grab a bottle of "Pastis" for the holidays.... you'll thank me for it. Or else, have it in summer, one doze with ice cubes in a tall glass with water. Delicious.
Enjoy the holidays.

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