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Sunday, 17 December 2006

How important is breakfast?
I am a "cup of strong coffee for breakfast" kind of guy. I find coffee to be intoxicatingly nutritious in the morning. It'll keep me going through to lunch easily. But many... many years ago i had a flat mate that was from New Zealand - they are called Kiwi's, based on the animal not the fruit.
Our first grocery shopping experience was interesting. My Kiwi mate was 240lbs of muscle, over 6 feet tall and workout every day. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day.
In the store we went to the cereal isle and loaded the kart with 12 boxes of Quaker oats oatmeal. 12 litres of whole milk were then added.
I was stunned, "it will take month to eat all this!" I said...
We then needed to find him a bowl... none were big enough... we bought a salad bowl!
His concept of breakfast: a box of oatmeal, 1 liter of milk and 2 bananas... every day for breakfast.
I started having breakfast as well, but didn't work out the 2 hours a day he did. The result was that eating in the morning kick started my digestive system early in the day. I was hungry a 10am, lunch was also a full meal. Guess what... I put on weight.
Sudden changes in the diet, because other people do things with apparent positive effects need to be taken in context. Nutrition is a balance of food intake and calorie burn... Don't forget the burn part.