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Sunday, 17 December 2006

I guess if you have a PhD it gives you the right to go on television on morning shows and get free advertisement for your new latest book: The Anger diet, how to overcome anger in 30 days from Brenda Shoshanna. A friend showed me the book and I later found this video. It makes me want to scream, at my friend... "why oh why would you buy this book?".
This is like the western days with so called miracle doctors selling miracle ointments from cloth covered wagons. Please, fixing 24 forms of anger in 30 days? How can you be gullible and spend money on such forms of advice. "Give up a grudge", "stop gossiping", "don't judge people".
If life was as simple as this, if people were this simple, we would all be perfectly balanced and healthy beings.
I have a beef with this book and books like it. You are not going to fix 35 years... or more of mental and personalty issue on 30 days. That you try something that is free, that is your prerogative. When you hijack TV, magazines to pimp your simplistic arrogant product and try to sell it, you end up hurting more than you help. The more gullible and fragile a person is the harder the fall when the miracle 30 day book fails. I really do not like people like Brenda Shoshanna who's righteous beliefs and PhD allow them to make money off the weaker persons back.

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