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Monday, 11 December 2006

Like many homes, we have womens magazines laying around. Call them the guinea pig manuals of inspiration. 50% advertisment, 50% miracle cures for something you never knew you had.
I really do not like these magazines, they make women feel bad and give them weird ideas and I am generally on the receiving end of that stick.
My girlfriend comes into the room and points to an article, "this is what we need to start doing... Yotox!". What in gods earth is Yotox? It sounds like a truck of yogurt ran a red light and hit a delivery van full of Botox! Well, I wasn't too far out.
Yotox is a new US workout class for the stars fresh out from the New York Health and Racket club. It is meant to keep you looking younger and to fight off wrinkles with a combo of Yoga (fair enough), rediculous facial exercises and acupressure treatments (what is accupressure? acumunture with 9inch nails?).

How Yotox works, you gotta picture this, you have to do a series of grimaces with your face and hold the pose for 60 seconds, here are examples of the exercises:
"To detox eyes and prevent frown lines", stick out your toungue as far as you can and hold for 60 second.
"To plump lips without collagen", pucker up, kiss fingers and blow kisses to fans, repeat five times.
"To sculp cheeks", inhale and scrunch face muscles for 2 seconds. Exhale rolling eyes and extend toungue and chin. repeat five times.
Yep that is Yotox, picture a class of 25 ladies doing these exercises for 45 minutes in a gym... Seriously! and they charge for this... my oh my.Obviously there is no proof that this will work . No evidence that this will not create side effects like looking like and idiot when a paprazzi takes your picture. I am sure that celebrities will love this and be promoting the celebrity Yotox video soon. The crap people can come up with when they call themselves professional trainers, doctors, therapists and guru what nots.


Marilou said...

hi there..
im doing an article for a greek magazine 4 yotox. i googled the word and one of the first to come was you!!
it was really useful!

Ives said...

Wow..... very funny. Even worse tips can proof useful. Used Dermacia breathable foundation provided me fawless, glowing skin in just 30 days.