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Monday, 11 December 2006

Like most people I enjoy a nice vaction in the sun. A few years ago before the sunny trip my girlfriend influenced diet included a supplement vitamins and a daily beta carotene pill, 800mg of vitamin A.
As we all should know vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, at least I learnt this later. That men that he body naturaly stores it in fat. Unlike water soluble vitamins that you need to replenish on a regular basis, you're actual daily requirements of Vitamin A aren't that bid... about 900mg. So all this seemed harmless enough.
I also have a problem, I am called double dose man. I generally take off the shelf stuff in double doses thinking that if it was on the shelf it was weak to prevent idiots such as myself from overdosing. keep that in mind... that is bad advice right there.
Not wanting to hit the beach pale white like a typical turist and wanting the sun to have a maximum tanning effect on my pale white shell of a body I double the dose thinking that I would tan a million times better.
The effects of Vitamin A are improved eye sight, that is why rabbit have great vision, or so we are told. That is why Bugs always saw Elmer Fud coming. It is also an great antioxidant that prevents free radicals and like vitamin C thought you could not get too much of it, only vitamin is a water soluble vitamin.
Well the end result is that I took between 800mg and 1600mg a day, putting me in overdose territory and I turned orange with the first rays of sun. i don't know if it was going to happen with or without the sun, but vitamin a affects you skin pigment, it s found in carrots they they always say that it is good for your skin, but not at twice the dose.
What I also didn't know at the time was that vitamin a in strong doses is toxic when mixed with nicotin, very toxic. I was a smocker then.
I am just glad today that turning a weird shade of orange was the only effect of the vitamin a. I did a bit of reaserch and the effect can be quite bad. The truth is that we in modern life rarely suffer from vitamin a defficiency. If you are not a smoker a little bit of extra vitamin a wont hurt, but don't use it for to boost your tan you probably will not like the shade of orange you will turn, the stares at the bar and the odd questions from the drunken tourists at the bar... oh and it takes quite a bit of time to fade.