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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

If you type "Hoodia pill" in Google you will get an endless list of online stores that sell this miracle online diet pill that "Naturally curbs your hunger". A dieters dream come true. With 66% of the American population overweight and 50% of the UK population borderline Obese this is a God send.
So what is Hoodia? Well why don't you go to Wikipedia and take look... I'm not going to paraphrase them, but basically it is a South American cactus who's natural effects include natural hunger suppression.
Back to our online example. The words "all natural" product, are consistently thrown as arguments for purchase. If you look at the advertised dosages it goes from 250mg to 10,000mg! Any alarm bells going off yet? Ask yourself, why hasn't the FDA approved this yet? Why do doctors not recommend this drug? Why can't you get this as a prescription drug even?
Surely if this was a drug with only positive effects, tested and proven for human consumption, the greedy pharmaceutical companies would be pimping this at every corner shop.

But it is Not, is it?

"But its natural!!!" So are Coca leaves chewed by Coca growers in Latin America... Do you know what Coca leaves do? They boost your metabolism, provide you with energy and.... wait for it.... suppress your hunger.... Oh and for all the people that are missing the point, Coca leaves are used to make cocaine. I lived and worked in Latin America for 9 years. Never heard of Hoodia then, did chew on Coca leaves... A bit bitter... did stop hunger... am not ordering them online though.

There isn't a single major pharmaceutical that is producing Hoodia either naturally or using its active molecules. Remember 80% of the worlds drugs come from molecules first discovered in plants, notably from rain forests.

Don't listen to all the advice you hear about natural products, especially those not endorsed and researched by doctors, government health agencies and the worlds pharmaceutical industry.

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badgerbob said...

Suppressing hunger doesn't help those like myself who don't wait until we are hungry to eat.
Hoodia will work for a few, who probably already have some self-control.

hoodia-oprah said...

CBS and MSNBC have both done reports on it: