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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Find the best odds on car competitions

Worse odds of winning a car

Winning a car in a free prize draw or all those win a car competitions are nothing more than bait to attract people to enter and part their ways with their personal information. The best competitions to win a car will generally pick cool car and vehicle that are in demand. This give the great titles to unique and exceptional win a car competitions such as:

- Win a Mini competition
- Win a Toyota Prius car competition
- Win a New Fiat 500
- Win a Golf GTI

All these cars competitions are designed to to offer the best vehicles based on prizes that would be the most likely to attract.

But what are the real odds of winning a competition to win a car?

The average car competition in the UK, the website that allow entries to the prize draws that offer cars as a prize will actually interconnect the websites. The length of time the prize draws remain open will range from 10 to 18 months. That is 18 months of entries that are collected from multiple websites. Some pooling systems also include competition entries from off-line sources. Entries from players come in from magazines and newspapers, but even interactive red button competitions entries are taken.

In the end, your adds of winning a car competition can reach over

1 in 4,000,000

In the end, a player has a greater chance of being struck by lightning on a dry day then to actually win a car in one of these free prize draws.

So even if you desperately want to enter the prize draw or raffle for a new Mini or want to enter the raffle for a new prizes such as a new car, think that the more expensive the prize the longer the closing period of the competition will be. All the more, looking in the the competition rules and terms and conditions you just might realize that that the final prize that you though the winner would receive is almost never the one he actually receives.

Winning a car in a prize draw is not an easy task and there all always many trade off in terms of personal data and the risks of spam and Id fraud linked to the sale of the personal data of prize draw entries. You can go here to find out more about win a car competitions.