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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Free car competitions stay open for months on end

1 year to enter a car competition?

Myoffers is a UK Website that display an enormous amount of free cash prize competitions and free quizzes and a bunch of other prize draws to win a car or win a holiday, win a voucher and win a great prizes...

SO when you go to the car sections of this competition website in the UK, you end up with lists and lists of "I wish I could win them prizes"... But the first step is to enter your personal details and register to the website.

Registration to the competition website is in fact a lead generation website that uses a host of sponsored free prizes that are put up for competitions with the odd winner. The lead generation means that when a person enters a competition to win a new car for example, the player is accepting terms and conditions. These terms and conditions state that the data you have just provided will be used and past on to partners and used to mail you and spam you beyond belief.

Of the list of competitions to win a car, myoffers is really not too bad, all they do is put up prizes and vehicles to be won by winners. At least that is what it looks like. The reality is that the carrots used to attract players to the games are a way to attract registrations to the prize competitions. The car competitions will generate in a course of a year approximately 1,000,000 entires or more. These leads will be sold for £2 to £8 to a variety of businesses that buy leads form competition web site running competitions such as win a new car.

Your personal information, harvested via these win a car competition will be sold 4 to 19 times depending on how many questions you have answered. You chances of winning are virtually nil, as much a getting struck by lightning. Sill want to win a car? You can find out more on online competitions here