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Monday, 5 May 2008

Bestofthebest Airport supercar competitions with spot the ball game reviews

Bestofthebest supercar competitions

Bestofthebest co uk is a competition company that operates "spot the ball competitions" in airports across the UK such as competition in Heathrow airport and Gatwick Airport. www bestofthebest co uk is the website bestofthebest operate to allow players to enter their supercar competitions online.

Entries to the super car competitions are pay to play with the basic entry fee costing £20. The entry fee covers one entry using the skill based game of Spot the ball. A player is shown an image of a football action scene, the image has had the football removed and the player needs to select where the centre of the ball is located. Thus spot the ball requires players entering the spot the ball competition to pick a set of coordinates on the football image. The closest set of coordinates to that of the professional referee that selects the winning spot of the ball is declared the winner of the supercar competition.

Spot the ball is a traditional skill based game used to determine the winners of skill based competitions and football is a perfect game for this.

The grand prize of the bestofthebest super car competition is the choice of cars for the winner of the spot the ball. The winner wins the choice of cars as luxury prizes. The competitions allow the players to win a Ferrari, win a Lamborghini, win a Porsche or win a range rover luxury car.

If the entry fees to the supercar competition £20 then the objective is to at least cover the operating costs of the competition and generate a profit. Because information on bestofthebest is readily available and it seems clear from the statement of accounts that competitions need to generate at least 35,000 to 55,000 competition entries to generate the levels of revenue found in their statement of accounts.

The odds of winning a supercar such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini are about 1 in 45,000 for a $20 entry. Even if you get the discounted competition entries, granted the average competition ticket entry fee is reduced but it just dilutes the odds and make it all that more more to win.

Would you want to win a supercar or win a Ferrari?

Its beyond me what the you would do with a super car, yes it is what dreams are made of but a dream is but a dream. You would essentially drive your prize Ferrari for a week and sell it for something that you truly need, like an affordable can, a holiday and a home.

Taking the cash prize option from bestofthebest.

Most super car or luxury car competitions don't offer many alternatives. In the case of the bestofthebest competitions to win a super car you do have the benefit of taking a cash equivalent. But is the cash prize equivalent worth it for the winner? Well if most cars cost over £120,000 and many of them have a waiting list the demand for that luxury vehicle taking cash option isn't very good... What is the cash equivalent? Well the cash prize alternative to the competition winner is £80.000. This seems to be quite a rip off doesn't it?

Seriously, why do most companies not show how many competition entries there are. Stop keeping super car competition entries confidential and be more transparent with the operations and ticket sales and surely the customers and players will reward you.