Using Green Guilt to get you to win a hybrid Toyota car ~ Prize draws and competitions

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Using Green Guilt to get you to win a hybrid Toyota car

Lets run the wave of Green eco guilt and create a competition to win a Toyota Prius. Win a car competitions are the most popular free car prizes draws on the internet. Putting together the needs for a greener world, the desire to protect our environment and the personal need to enter free competitions to win a car, the win a Toyota prius is the perfect competition.

The Big green Prius competition is just the thing for you green car lovers. In the typical nature of a Chance to win a new Toyota Prius the competition promoter has developed a relationships with one of the biggest free prize draw website Win4Now.

This new generation of green car runs on a hybrid petrol electric platform. The Toyota Prius is ranked amongst the best eco friendly car, though I would say is that the Prius makes for a bad battery recycling eco friendly processor. The Big Green Switch simply wants to attract and collate competition prize entry information of the players entering the Win a Toyota competition.

This makes perfect sense for a Green eco company to create and obtain very qualified leads for its specifc industry. By creating a specific competition and free prize draw with and eco friendly prize such a the Win a Toyota Prius combines the targeting requirements of the competition and the prize that will filter the qualified leads.

Entries to the Win a Toyota Prius are limited to one per account. Entries are limited as they are free and as well to avoid automated competition entry by robots. None the less most compoholics will still enter as the prize value of the vehicle is in excess of £15,000 so even if the player doesn't care about the prize itself it always still have an intrinsic value.