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Monday, 12 May 2008

Bestofthebest co uk super car competition legitimate?

In the jungle of car competitions and win a car prize draws, one company stands out bestofthebest super car competitions. You need to make the clear distinction with a car competition and prize draw that is free like the one found on the prizefinder and as the car prize is the bait for lead generation.
On the other hand Bestofthebest super car competitions are operated using a gaem of skill called spot the ball. the objective is different, Bestofthebest operate a margin based super car competition and are not after or sell players personal information.

So to the question: is bestofthebest co uk legitimate, the answer is YES.

Are the winners of bestofthebest for real. the answer is yes. Most supercar competition to win a Ferrari, win a Bentley, win a porsche or win other great sports cars is real because they are a real business. They invest in there stands in airports such as Heathrow airport and Gatwick airport. In the airports bestofthebest have competitions stands and they display their prizes, you can see and almost touch the supercars, you will see the Audi R8 prize car, the Ferrari you can win and the lovely Lamborghini Gallardo.

Should you trust the super car competitions of bestofthebest in the airports? Yes the biggest reason of all is that the competition operator bestofthebest Plc is quoted on the AIMS market and information is available on their website. Their accounts are audited by an independent accounting firm.

The one disadvantage of the bestofthebest super car competition to win a super car, win a Ferrari type of competition is that you do not know what the total amount of competition entries their are for each super car competition. If you analyse the info contained in the accounts of best of the best plc you realise that each super car competition generates about $£450,000 in entry fees for a car prize value ranging from £90,000 to £120,000. So you are looking at a profit margin of over %400. For this reason the total number of entries is kept confidential. If you calculate the average price of the entry tickets you end up with winning odds of over q in 40,000 on average accross the year.

Granted these adds are far better than any other free competition to win a car. If you look at the average odds of winning a free car they often exceed the 3 to 4,000,000 mark. This means that your chances of winning are virtually nil. On the other hand spot the ball super car competitions of bestofthebest are 100 times easier to win. The improved winning adds come from the fact that the entry is pay to play rather then free entry. Paying for competitions is generally better because your private information will stay private, your odds of winning a car are 100's of times better and their is more chance that the competition will be legitimate.