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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Will you ever enter a competition to win a free Ipod... cuz you should stay away

Win an Apple Ipod Nano free prize draws - the most common online competitions on the web

Want to win an Apple Ipod for free? Don't bet on it. The Ipod Nano is the most common free prize draw prize. There are more free prize draws that use the popular win an mp3 then any other win an mp3 competition, that the chances of winning an Ipod is remote and bleak at best.

Typing win and ipod and win an mp3 in Google will reveal how players are ready to give up their personal identities for the smallest of chances by entering free prize draws to win an Apple ipod that it becomes a bit crazy.

If you start looking at the odds and calculating the odds of the possibilities of winning an ipod for free you realize that if you covert the prize value to the calculated chances of winning it is perhaps the worst possible free prize draw and giveaway to enter, even if its for free.

The value of an Ipod or even of the Ipod Nano is between £100 and £130. Free prize draw website and competition to win an Ipod will take in as many as 300,000 entries or more. the competitions to win and Apple Ipod are interconnected and all the free entries are pooled together. because of he craze for the ipod and the trendy impact of the free prize, the propensity to enter win an ipod competitions see the highest level of competition entries then any other prize, regardless of the value. Only win a car competitions for free will see a greater number of entries. Win a Apple Nano prize draws is now saturating the free prize draws scene to the point that duplicate entries are starting to limit the lead generation capabilities of the free prize draws websites that can be found.

So it is now being antied up and the free prize draws to win and Apple ipod Nano are now giving way to higher and more expensive prizes. But pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the competitions entries are far greater for Apple prizes then for other consumer electronics prizes. A £1,000 42 inch hi def LCD television will attract less competition entries then an Apple Macbook competition worth only £650.

If you are the promoter of a raffle a prize lottery or any other lead generation tool prize website, the suite of Apple products is a must to have to ensure a higher conversion of you players. if you are a competition player and out to win an apple ipod then you need to be aware that you have the worst or lowest odds of winning an Ipod and the that you will be competition against the largest possible number of players.