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Friday, 9 May 2008

How fake Win a Home competitions gives away a Time Share prize

Win a Holiday home - turns out its a time share prize.

Win a home competition are the pet peeve of free prize draws and competition websites, at least the free ones. History has it that many have attempted to sell their home using some form of prize draw to attract potential buyers. Traditionally the attempts were made to sell of the tiles of the roof for a small fee. the winner of win a home competition would have the winning tile and win the entire home as the gran prize.

When it comes to win a home for free prize draws, the principal home prize attracts many potential entries. But the title of the win a home competition in itself is deceitful especially when properly used in search engines. Now people type in Win a home prize draw and end up with a variety of propositions to win a holiday home.

A recent competition has launched here, all the initial searches revealed that the win a home competition was in fact for a half backed time share in a remote holiday destination. The prize winner of the win a home competition only received a weeks worth of time in a small apartment time share as the prize. Obviously the value of the home prize is slightly different if its a weeks time share.

The moral is that you should look at the details of the win a home competitions and find out what the terms of the competition truly are before you enter. So its always better to enter specific comeptitions where the objective is the prize to win a home and the odds are transparent.