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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Well its been... ah .. a week or so that I have included some grapefruits before every meal... and the results are in. "Blrghh". You have to picture the face and the nasty grin...
I figured that minus well get ready for the holidays and lose a bit of weight before having to tackle the 25lbs turkey, stuffing and 2 pints of cranberry jelly.
Other than managing insulin levels to control carb intake and so one... there are a number of effects that are not so nice. Adding an acidic fruit like the grapefruit kick started my digestion faster and made me much more hungry. Secondly, it screws up your digestive system. Seriously we are not designed to eat so many grapefruit all the live long day. After 4 daysof I had gas and diarrhea. Lame detox diet.
I think that the only weight loss result (lost a pound or two) is due to the fact that I was wearing heavier shoes and spent 4 hours on the toilet and perhaps reduced the carbs. (that is part of the diet as well). There is no point to the grapefruit diet. You can't sustain it, you have to buy a supply of adult diapers and your stomach just keeps on talking back to you in a gurgling way, day and night...

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