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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Win a New Mini Competitions

As the most popular car prize in the UK it is no wonder that Winning a new Mini is at the top of car prize competitions. But no all Win a Mini competitions and prizes are created equal, most often these prize draws will have 100,000's of entries last for months if not years and you will never find out who the winner is.

We know that "win a mini prize draws" are only used for lead generation, that is to collect personal data on customers knows as: qualified leads. So the win a new mini car competitions have the objective to stay open as long as possible.

Still collecting entries when the competition is closed:
Take a look at this win a mini competition from myoffers. Players would be tempted to enter, it is free to enter at the end of the day... But know click on the win a mini competitions terms and conditions link. Read the fine print... yes the competitions closing date in January 2008. The win a mini competition has been closed for over 5 months, yet the raffle website still keeps the page open to tempt more entries and registrations. Additionally the prize draws to win a car stay open to generate search engine rank and increase their posistion for some of those key terms.

So the entry practices are not the most transparent and some of these winning a car draws will do everything to get a punter to part with their private information and compliment it with questions during the registration process. The key is to understand that anything that is a free prize wants something in exchange. Nothing is free, not even a free car or mini competition. They always want something. So the rule of thumb before you enter a win a mini competition is:

The less it costs to enter the more entries there are and the less chance of winning you have.
If their is no entry fee, you will pay the entry with enormous amounts of private data surrender.
Only pay to play car competitions are only interested in the entry fee and protect your personal information, it a choice every player needs to make.

The Win a Mini competition mentioned, closed with over 1,500,000 registered entries...