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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Win a £50 holiday voucher from Expedia competition

As we have said it many times over, free prize draws and other free to enter travel competitions are purely lead generation marketing activities designed to gather customer data.

Winning a holiday and numerous travel competitions to win a city break or win a holiday in the Caribbean are all designed to get players to enter. Now many of us competition player would be tempted by the soft beaches of the Caribbean and the luxury hotels of those travel competitions. Even if the chance of winning is very small or even microscopic the win a holiday competition needs to have a prize that is worth the sacrifice of personal information.

Enter the Expedia win a £50 holiday voucher. A £50 holiday travel voucher is hardly enough to tantalize players in entering a competition to win a holiday. If you look at the cost structure of Expedia and the limitations included in the terms and conditions of the redemption of the £50 travel voucher, the discount barely makes a dent in the profit levels and margins of the cost of the travel package sold by Expedia.

All in all if you are to enter a travel competition make sure that the prize is worth the effort, make sure that the destination of the holiday and the value of the prize is appealing. We all want to win a holiday to the Caribbean and enjoy the exotic and luxury hotels of the tropical holiday destinations, but a £50 Expedia travel voucher competition is hardly what one would call a value added prize even if its free...